The face is the mirror of our inner being. It reflects health, stress and self esteem.
By taking care of our face and skin, it promotes overall health, reduces stress and gives us a sense of well being.”

Skin Care at Day Spa Beverly Hills commitment to health and beauty excellence has allowed us to develop health and beauty skin care products and cosmetics designed to meet the special needs of each type of skin.

Our depth of experience and education in Skin care has given us the skills to analyze the needs of the skin.

Combined with ancient Russian formulas with modern scientific breakthroughs to produce Skin Care treatments tailor-made to each of the skin’s conditions. Front of Store

Tamara was raised in a family with a long history in medical and skin care research in Russia.

From her early childhood days, she was always interested in skin care, and beauty and has made it her goal to become a specialist in the field.  Bound and well determined with a mind set to become a skin care specialist, she attended some of the finest schools and received her medical and biochemical education in Russia.

While working in Russia, Tamara was able to perfect many of her techniques at various dermatological clinics. Tamara’s life changed dramatically when she discovered few days before her grandmother’s death that she was privileged to inherit one of the most prestigious and sacred book of skin care formulations that had been used in Royal families for centuries.

These ancient formulations had been used for many generations in Tamara’s family and were made by some of the finest scientists of the Royal times.

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