Fruit Peels

Many people do not realize how acidic fruits such as oranges and apples are. The chemicals contained in these fruits are called glycolic acid. A fruit acid peel is a procedure that uses these natural acids to remove layers of skin. There are several noted benefits associated with such a procedure, including tone and texture improvement.

A fruit acid peel can do more than remove layers of dead and damaged skin. These glycolic acids can also penetrate the remaining skin, providing a thorough cleansing action. This can help prevent and fight acne.

Generally, the glycolic acid is applied to the skin. The acidity levels can vary from one producttumblr_m9txs6Y2tW1rec3wwo1_250 to another. In many instances, a person begins getting procedures with a solution that has low acidity levels, and gradually, as she returns to have the procedure repeated, solutions with higher acidity levels are used.

After the acid is applied, it is usually left on the skin for five minutes or less. After this time, a neutralizing agent may be applied to the areas where the acid was. The neutralizing agent basically stops the acid from working. Once this is done, the area is usually cleaned and other products such as serum, moisturizers, and sun block may be applied.

The effects of a fruit acid peel are often not immediate. A person may have to have the procedure performed several times before she notices any drastic results. Even after each peel, the results may not be seen for several days or a week. This is because the top layers of skin are not usually immediately removed. Instead, they peel off during the days following the procedure.