Skin REGUVENATING – “Mesolift – Mesoglow”

mesolift-mesoglow-beverley-hills-caIn today’s world, where people are more informed and interested in intelligent choices in regards to their health care they are seeking more natural choices of prevention, intervention and maintenance.

“Mesolift or Mesoglow” can be considered as the beauty component of this industry, as the ingredients for skin REJUVENATING consist of vitamins, Amino acid ,minerals trace elements and antioxidants. As the skin ages, there is decreased circulation due to peripheral vascular disease, decreased of oxygen, nutrients and exchange of toxic metabolic
products which inhibits the body from flushing out the toxic waste that causes premature aging and damage from free radicals.

The Mesotherapy “Mesolift or Mesoglow” is as safe and natural alternative
to traditional cosmetics procedures

The Mesolift used to tone and tighten sagging skin on the face and neck
help to eliminate and prevent fine wrinkles.

Results may be noticed after each ,treatment. For maximum results 4 treatments are
recommended for facial and neck areas once a week as a maintenance few times a year.