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Day Spa Beverly Hills has the depth, Experience and Education to provide you with a beautifying experience.
Through the use of Ancient Russian Formulations and New Scientific beauty Breakthroughs we can make your skin look and feel fantastic.

“The face is the mirror of our inner being. It reflects health, stress and self esteem.
By taking care of our face and skin, it promotes overall health, reduces stress and gives us a sense of well being.”


Botox Treatments

Smile, Laugh, frown and make all the facial expressions you want, and stop worrying about wrinkles

Derrmal Fillers

Everyone will notice, but no one will know. Kiss those lines goodbye!

Non Invasive Facelifts

Facial Rejuvenation, Surgery FREE Beauty you’ll love!

Mesolift - Mesoglow

Enjoy that flawless Skin and Summer Glow 

IPL - Lasers

You don’t have to live with those imperfections anymore

Skin Care

The  face is the mirror of our inner being, it reflects health, stress, and self esteem. By taking care of our body, face and skin, it helps promote overall health, reduce stress, and give us a sense of well being.


Longer, Fuller and Darker

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