Tamara received her medical and biochemical education in Ukraine and Russia. Due to her family`s long history in medical research, she was privy to ancient secrets used in skin care for the Russian Elite.

Early on, she adopted the view that treatment and care of each different type of skin requires special attention to create and maintain a healthy and youthful appearance. Tamara was able to perfect many of her techniques at the various dermatological clinics she worked at in Russia and Ukraine.

Tamara has worked as the head trainer for some of America`s more prestigious salons. Products have been engineered to link the work of skin care specialists and health care practitioners.


Tamara has been committed to excellence in skin and body care. As a licensed medical professional she has the expertise to evaluate all skin problems, from the mild to the severe. Complementing her medical training with extensive experience as an aesthetician has allowed her to develop a scientific yet artful approach to skin care. 
 Her goal is to improve the skin's texture to enhance the fresh, youthful appearance of the face, neck and body. Also she offers the most advanced anti-aging cosmetic technologies and treatments available, including her proprietary skin-care products. ​



Tamara invented The Extractor tool for removing blackheads and sebum from the skin. This patented surgical stainless steel extraction tool is great for removing pore impurities without pulling or injuring your skin. One-of-a-kind device was once a luxury available only to the Beverly Hills elite is a great addition to your at-home pore cleansing system.

Tamara's product formulas have been patented and trademarked by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a rare distinction in the skin-care industry.


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