Self Facial Kit

Have your skin for ever young , protect your skin from any problem , let your skin absorb product and achieve results you have to use proper care steps by steps .

Management your skin very important !!!!!

First you must prepare your skin to except any creams or lotions .
Even if you use best product existing on this world .

When your pores is clogged  with blackheads and whiteheads and impurities you have luck of oxygen  which effect blood circulation  and cells rejuvenation .

"Self  Facial System  " package was created for your proper management Includes a special tool, the Extractor, which removes blackheads and whiteheads Plus removes impurities from the skin , and cleans the pores . It also helps fight bacteria , and AIDS in the process of healing the skin .

Extractor must be used in conjunction with a specially formulated  skin care products line  " Pore cleansers and Healing mask "

Good luck !