Why Better!

Consumer often express a preference for skin care products with organic and natural  ingredients. There are no legal definition in the US for advertising terms  "natural" or " organic" when applied to skin care products . Some natural product may be harmful to the skin . The FDA recommend understanding the ingredients label and says " There is no list of ingredients that can be guaranteed  not to case allergic reactions "
FDA regulation using preservatives and stabilizers to extend the shelf life of product and help keep from bacteria

Very often  people combine product which  ingredients not compatible and this ingredients neutralize each other's . This type of products have zero effectiveness !!!


1).    Use organic and natural ingredients combine with biocompatible and environmentally  friendly natural compounds have the potential to provide materials with photoresistsant and thermoresistant properties. The longevity of the product and help keep from bacteria  .

2).  All ingredients compatible

3).  Completely skin care line works together ( ingredients ) and benefit each other for best results .






Package includes

1. Device - extractor US patent which removes blackheads and whiteheads , impurities  from the pores

2. Deep pore cleanser product

3. Healing ( shooting ) mask

4. Brochure with directions ( steps by steps)

Very often for a variety of reasons people are unable to visit professional  salons .
These product and the following method of use, has been developed so that people can achieve salon results with minimum cost , in the privacy of their own homes.